Here is my latest news: Last December 2014 I finish recording Dwight Yoakam's new record for Warner Brothers Records in LA. It was recorded at famed Capitol Recording Studios in Hollywood California. Tracking was in studio B on their Vintage Neve 8068 console. The vibe in that studio is intense to say the least. The amazing music that studio had produced over the years is mind blowing. We also recorded in Studio A on the Neve 88R. The acoustic environment in the studio and control room are excellent for recording anything. Henson Recording in Hollywood was the other studio we recorded at. That studio is always in top shape to record in. I have enjoyed many years of working in all of those recording rooms back in the day, it's like home! I am very excited about this record and look forward to it's release in the spring of 2015. Dwight inspires camaraderie to all who with him. The musicians who played on the record were tremendous. Each recording session was cool, creative and memorable. Dwight Yoakam produced the record. CLA mixed the record and co-produced 4 tracks. A true team effort from the heart and soul of the songs. Lenny Waronker loved to come see Dwight too and talk about songs! It was an experience I will not forget. Thanks for dropping by my website. Best, Marc DeSisto

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