Here is my latest news: I am looking for new artist to develop and produce. Please send me your tune or your pals band to hear. I mixed a new Band Call Canyon King, A new act from Boston. Look for that in coming months. I have been approved by Apple to be on the MFiT providers Email list. If you are looking for mastered For iTunes badge inquire for my mastering services. Thanks for dropping bye my site, have a great day. please email me. Best, Marc DeSisto

Los Angeles Mix Engineer

Audio Engineer

Protools Engineer

If you wish to contact Marc for a future upcoming project, please Email Marc

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Listen to the following mixes by Marc DeSisto.

  1. Ingram Hill - Finish What We Started
  2. The B.O.L.T. - All Fall Down
  3. Back Here
  4. Lives of Clay
  5. Shame
  6. Turn Up Your Radio
  7. Impossible
  8. Last Time I Saw You
  9. Sweet Sorrow
  10. Beth Hart -_World Without You
  11. Love I Lied
  12. Melissa Ethridge - Breakdown
  13. Melissa Ethridge -_Into the Dark